If during a walk you pass near the Pandilla, youth hostel and cultural center in Ibiza, you will probably hear shouts or laughter… If driven by curiosity, you stop for a moment, it you may be able to enter a few words, in French, in English, in Spanish, or in another language.

La Pandilla is a place of welcome for groups and a cultural center which aims to be animated by polyglot and undisciplined voices. And these voices, we want to share them with you: the Pandilla will also be a podcast studio, and will edit audio content broadcast on all platforms. These podcasts will carry the reflections born in this place: by listening to them, you will live the time of one or more episodes in the Pandilla, to listen and participate in the conversations that animate it.

For the first episode of the Pandilla podcasts, the object of exploration imposed itself: we will be interested in group life. After months of barrier gestures, gauges and quarantines, we want to explore what “being in a group” means: has individualism triumphed in our modern societies? Do humans really need others to exist, to grow? How to explain the vitality of the bond that unites groups of friends? How is the island of Ibiza an interesting place of exploration to analyze our projections on life in a group? Does the ecological emergency revive the concept of living in a group?

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