If you happen to stroll by La Pandilla, a youth hostel and cultural center in Ibiza, you’re likely to hear a burst of voices or laughter… If you stop for a moment, driven by curiosity, you may even catch a few words in French, English, Spanish or another language.

La Pandilla is a place for groups and a cultural center dedicated to polyglot, unruly voices. And we want to share these voices with you: La Pandilla will also be a podcast studio, editing audio content for broadcast on all platforms. These podcasts will carry the reflections born in this place: by listening to them, you will live the time of one or more episodes in the Pandilla, to listen and participate in the conversations that animate it.

For the first episode of the Pandilla podcasts, the subject of exploration was self-evident: living as a group. After months of barrier gestures, gauges and quarantines, we want to explore what it means to “be in a group”: has individualism triumphed in our modern societies? Do we really need others to exist and grow? How can we explain the vitality of the bonds that unite groups of friends? What makes the island of Ibiza an interesting place to explore our projections of group life? Is the ecological emergency reviving the concept of group living?

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