SUN 28.04.24 FROM 14:00 – TILL LATE

🌞Dive into the new season with us at La Pandilla!🌴

Onwards for an unforgettable opening party filled with cocktails, good vibes, poolside fun, and plenty of sunshine! ☀️ Let’s kick off the season together! Don’t miss out! 🍹

With our friends☀️
@mezcalerosbalearicos (Matias & Galo)

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OPENING SAT 20.04.24 FROM 14:00

📸✨ You’re invited to the opening of Maxime Massa’s exhibition at La Pandilla Ibiza!

Join us to discover photos that celebrate the beauty of “O” through Maxime’s lens. 🌅🍸

🗓 Date: 20.04.24

⏰ Time: Starting from 14:00 after the San Jordi Mercadillo

📍 Location: Pandilla Ibiza, Carrer de Formentera 2

Come for the art, stay for the atmosphere, and share a moment with us.

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(APRIL 15th-21th / MAY 20th-26th)

Last minute offer!

In today’s world, it is crucial to foster collaboration, creativity, and team spirit. Therefore, we have imagined a Team Building experience led by artists in the wonderful setting of Ibiza☀️

For three days, your team will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of art alongside a talented local artist. Our Team Building program is carefully designed to provide a perfect combination of creativity, reflection, and collaboration.


(APRIL 15th-21th / MAY 20th-26th)


Raised by two artists in the USA, Lucy grew up surrounded by creativity.

After training pre-professionally as a ballet dancer for fifteen years, she moved to California, where she studied film at Scripps College. Now based in Mallorca, Lucy applies her expansive creative skill set to her work
with «dada-days».


Lisa Heschel discovered her passion for ceramics four years ago and has since set up a pottery studio in her home in Mallorca.

With the knowledge she gained from her time at the Berlin pottery studio, «Clayground», the German ceramicist currently runs workshops for the creative travel platform, «dada-days», which she founded in 2021.


SUN 17.03.24 AT 10:30AM

Last minute offer!

Clay Ceremony with @elizaveta_barsega

You are warmly invited to delve into the sacred language of clay. Originating from the very heart of the Earth, clay embodies a serene beauty that resonates with those who embrace it.

We often carry more than our hearts have the space for. Whatever you wish to release, surrender it to the earth; it knows how to transform it into something new, something that yearns to grow. Amidst the noise of the world, clay offers a sanctuary to purify intentions and find inner calm.

Join Berlin artist Elizaveta Barsega in an exploration of the alchemy and essence of this ancient material, tracing its roots back to eternity.


MON 04.03.24 – TUE 02.04.24

Elizaveta Barsega started her artistic journey as a travelling researcher of archaic pottery techniques. She holds a degree in fine and applied arts and conducted apprentice work with
several traditional potters and research trips to the Mountains ofThailand, Moroccan Desert and Riff Region, and Georgian riverbanks.

Traditional recipes of reworking natural pigments and minerals into ceramic pieces laid the foundation for her visual art practice. Music, painting and poetry have always been an essential part of her daily life and intertwine with her sculptural work in a practice which she coins as “clay and other ways to pray”.

During the residency Elizaveta will research local natural pigments and wild clays of Ibiza and explore ways to translate them into art pieces.

MON 04.03.24 – SUN 17.03.24

Last minute offer!

We’re thrilled to announce the first art residency of the 2024 season. New Gold #1 Sa Llana invites you to discover what happens at the intersection of creativity, sustainability and transformation. You’ll learn all about wool as you explore, experiment and create in an environment that blends innovation and tradition, breathing life into new realities through art.

🌈 Open to: Creatives. Artisans. Experimentation Enthusiasts. Non-conformists. Artists. Dreamers. Visionaries. Explorers and pioneers. Also for romantics. Rebels. Architects of imagination and builders of new worlds.

📅 When: March 4th to 17th, 2024.
📍 Where: La Pandilla, Ibiza.
🌵 Limited spots: Book your spot now to be part of this art adventure.

If you count sheep to sleep, this event is for you! 🐑🐑 🐑

MON 04.03.24 – SUN 17.03.24


My name is Raquel and I’m passionate about hands-on work, creativity and the endless possibilities that waste materials offer. I have this kind of obsession where I think that at the end of the useful life of what I create, it could become food for the fish if it fell into the sea. I just love turning waste into beautiful and valuable objects.

My project, Waste Art Lab @wasteartlab, is a nomadic lab specialized in waste, whose purpose is to create multidisciplinary ideation spaces aimed at bringing new disruptive ideas to current environmental challenges. Along the way, a beautiful art residency project has been born 🐑❤️

The New Gold #1 Sa Llana Art Residency is a 15-day immersive experience where we’ll explore the convergence between contemporary art, craftsmanship and ecology here in Ibiza. The primary goal is to foster creativity and explore new ideas that positively impact these fundamental areas, utilizing #wool as a raw material, which is currently treated as #waste. The residency will take place from March 4th to 17th in a collaborative setting at La Pandilla. You are welcome to join! 🕊️🌈

MON 04.03.24 – SUN 17.03.24

I’m a painter and freelance illustrator based in France.My work is inspired by medieval illumination, myths, nature, colors and the mushroom farm where I live! I always look for joy and fun in my drawings,  and i try to talk about intimacy and spice it with magical realism.My favorite technique is gouache and it’s important to me to work with traditional techniques as I felt I spent too much time on the computer. Also, the sensations I get with my brush are unique.

As a children’s book illustrator, I have published with Hélium, Sarbacane, Casterman, le Grand Palais and more.As an illustrator for adults, I have worked with Ulmer and Laplage for books on yoga, plants and nature.I also love painting posters for poetry and music festivals. I run illustration workshops in libraries and book fairs and in my free time I enjoy creating card decks.☀️