Art and Residence

Ibiza attracts artists from all walks of life, because the island was the creative refuge of European free spirits of the 20th century, today writers, directors, musicians, architects from all over the world jostle to settle there. This is how, on an ultra-exposed piece of land, the surrealist and dada influences of Tzara, Miró, Raoul Hausmann, the ideas of post-45 libertarian thinkers such as Walter Benjamin, Pierre Drieu La Rochelle, Cioran, Camus. It is within the hippie communities of the beat generation that these ideas come to life: they live in fincas inspired by the style of Erwin Broner then Josep Lluis Sert, listen to Pink Floyd, marvel at the works of Barry Flanagan or again Barbet Schroeder. For thirty years, the world of parties has been perfectly involved in this bohemian milieu, importing electronic music and the New Age from Europe, and the Well Being movements from the United States.

Having become the center of an artistic utopia attached to the purity of forms, landscapes and water, a unique energy is formed on the island, combining hedonism, tradition, tourism and celebration.

Aware of what the island can bring to artists looking for new stimulation, La Pandilla wishes to support contemporary creation and bring together a community through the arts on this extraordinary island. In order to promote exchanges, the circulation and the production of forms and ideas on the island.


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one artist / one artisan




one artist / one artisan